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LUVLI Mission Furthered with Choose LOVE™

LUVLI Mission Furthered with Choose LOVE™

We are excited to contribute to a movement that tugs at our hearts— Choose Love™.  According to, February is Choose Love Awareness Month (CLAM). It is the annual awareness campaign the Choose Love Movement presents to honor six-year-old Sandy Hook victim, Jesse Lewis, by spreading his message of Nurturing Healing Love. The purpose of CLAM is to inspire a Choose Love lifestyle by promoting hope, healing, and connection through their Character Social Emotional Development programming. This month-long initiative is a FUN and informative way to encourage creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity in homes, schools, and communities.

Each week in February, Choose Love™ focuses on a different pillar of the Choose Love Formula: Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion-in-Action = Choosing Love

Click HERE to learn more about the Choose Love Movement.

We are grateful to offer 15% of your purchase to go towards the Choose Love™ Movement. Just shop using the link below:


Read our full interview with Choose Love™:

Why is it important to you to support the Choose Love Movement? 
Choose Love has real, actionable, positive steps and programs that will create the future we want for our children, our community and our world. We want to be a part of this loving and mindful solution. Our brand and boutique, LUVLI [ luhv-lee ] means having a beauty appealing to the heart and the eye as well as the mind. Our mission at LUVLI is to promote a lifestyle that encourages love, gratitude and kindness. Contributing to Choose Love aligns with our heart felt purpose. Choose Love was the first mission I had in mind to support and we are grateful for this opportunity. 


How do you practice the Choose Love Formula in your life? 
My ideal and authentic self bases my words and actions on love. Taking care of myself helps me to have a positive outlook and have more patience and kindness with others. It allows me to pause and think before responding. Simple things like getting adequate rest, eating a balanced diet, and exercising go a long way for me. Another component of self-care is what I choose to wear. My spirit is uplifted by wearing comfortable, stylish clothes in colors and patterns that I love. And, I have noticed it brightens the moods of those around me too!
What inspires you each day in your business? 
I’m inspired every day to help women feel great, look beautiful and live well. I call it feeling LUVLI, looking LUVLI and living LUVLI! I get excited choosing and creating products based upon this goal and I enjoy working on the processes to make it happen. I found what I love to do and I’m so grateful! I’ve always found joy in clothes shopping and adding a new piece to my wardrobe. My aim is for others to experience that same joy when shopping in my boutique. The challenges I overcome are satisfying as I know I am getting closer to my vision. My vision is to inspire others to live LUVLI which is living with gratitude, kindness and love—one sweater at a time! Collaborating with movements such as Choose Love has made this possible for LUVLI. We all need to work together to change the world.
What’s a fun fact about the work you do? 
Fun fact? My two daughters and I came up with the name of our brand and the unique spelling of LUVLI in a few minutes one morning. I didn’t know how I was going to make my vision of an online boutique happen but the steps fell into place after each step I took. Another fun fact is that I grew up in the Darien Public School System and my children have been going to school here too! In high school I was on the student advisory committee that created The Depot teen center that is a central hub to the Choose Love™ program in Darien today. I went on to graduate from the University of Connecticut and I also have a Graphic Design degree from Norwalk Community College. Together, these degrees and many learning experiences have helped me create LUVLI. 
What do you appreciate about being a small local business? 
The most wonderful thing that has happened out of creating LUVLI has been connecting with friends and other supportive local business people. I love seeing friends, friends of friends and potential friends from near and far loving and wearing what they’ve bought from LUVLI. I love that I can support my local community and contribute to charities that matter to our community with proceeds from LUVLI. 
Ann Laczko, Owner of LUVLI LLC


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